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Kaláb offers full engineering services to investors. We work as the general contractor and main contractor for civil construction projects for new buildings, renovations and in our own development activities. We guarantee successful project completion at the highhest quality, by the agreed deadline and at the agreed budget. We strictly comply with all technical regulations and apply our best practises.

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In 2005 we started with our own development projects. We have already built a total of nine developments and sold 132 apartments and 64 family homes, including four small productin halls and warehouses, to our satisfied customers.

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Industrial and business zone RDPark Brno - Líšeň Development projects

Industrial and business zone RDPark Brno - Líšeň

Development projects
The building offers comfortable facilities covering a wide range of modern business needs. Offices, warehouse, production areas and showroom. The latest building technologies were adopted for this project, ensuring a prestigious appearance and very low overall costs.
The offices occupy two storeys and offer 130 sqm of space. The warehouse/production hall is 7 m high and the total area is 268 sqm.Everything can be tailored to the customer's needs: variable layout, cumulation of several simultaneous modules.
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