Our product portfolio

We can build almost any civil structure or building. The majority of our project are:

Industrial buildings • Civil amenities • Residential • Historical sites and attractions

See a selection of the projects we have delivered to the full satisfaction of our customers over the last years.
For your convenience in searching throught our projects, you can filter projects depending on the industry.

Operating center of the company VAS, a.s. Ivančice offices / industry Apartment building French corner residential The administrative building of Chrištof, spol. s r.o. offices AUTONOVA - extension of the establishment KTM Leisure time / Offices The resort AQUALAND INN Leisure time / Residential PZP Dambořice Industry / Offices RDPark Phase I. Industry / Offices / Develop Austerlitz Rezidence II Phase Residential / Develop SUNNY CANADIAN school extension schools Sička villa Residential Vertical extension to an building Offices Vertical extension to an apartment building, lift construction Residential / Develop U Venuše complex, Pavlov Winery / Accommodation Building extension Mlaty Industry Boiler house conversion into a mixed-used room Leisure time Production plant and offices for MACEK a SYN, s.r.o. Industry / Offices Extension to a sports regeneration facility in street Družstevní Leisure time Reconstruction of car repair shop for M&V Industry / Offices Sports premises Heršpice Brno, building reconstruction Leisure time Austerlitz residence I Phase Residential / Develop Reconstruction of production building and warehouse for ELSEREMO Stage Technology, a.s. Industry / Offices Building upgrades in the production site of MBNS - International, spol. s r.o. Industry Construction of a new development and production centre Industry / Offices Residential building AUGUSTIN Residential Olympia Brno shopping mall - Reserved Leisure time / Offices Olympia Brno shopping mall - P&C Leisure time / Offices Reisten Winery Wineries Threshing house and storage adaptation Industry / Offices Brno region museum - Exhibition areas, prelature south wing Sights Vienna Point - Modernisation of a technical building Industry Reconstruction of a Chateau threshing house Leisure time / Residential YOGA centre Brno Leisure time Construction of family homes in Podolí, Brno region Residential / Develop Construction of TOS Kuřim H16 hall Industry Development centre for Photo studio W Offices Terranova store modernisation and extension Leisure time / Sights Head office of Microtech IVF Offices Mixed-use complex Orion Leisure time / Residential Expansion of Interexpo site Offices Mixed-use sports grounds Družstevní Leisure time / Offices Residential park Kovářská Residential / Develop GOLF BRNO - Congress hall and wellness Leisure time Thermal insulation of a Primary school in Kuřim Schools GOTBERG Winery Wineries International airport Brno Tuřany - Terminal building Offices Threshing house Těšany - Conversion into a community centre with a restaurant Leisure time Secondary School Gymnázium Brno, tř. kpt. Jaroše schools Office for the protection of competition - office reconstruction Offices / Sights Vienna Point - Vertical extension to entrance structures Offices
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